Tim Wise reminds us that there is an unwritten set of rules we live by. They may not be right, they may not be fair and probably should be done away with. Please share your response to the following question.
  1. Have you observed or experienced white privilege?
  2. What do you think should be done about the system of white privilege in America? 

Aaron Lybbert
01/13/2011 11:22

I have experienced white privilege every day since the day I was born. Being born in a hospital, going home to a home in a place that my parents chose. Then growing up in a public school that taught my own history. Every day and I had no Idea. What should be done, now that is a hard question. Speaking up, and letting people know that racism is not a problem of the past would be a start, but to root out the problem that will not be enough. People have been doing that for years. And like Tim says with white privilege, whites don't have to think about the problems of other people; We just have to keep on living the privileged life we always have had. I think that if people could see in a direct way what is happening to people because they want to have the Privileges they grew up with we might see more change in the way things are done.

Tessie Mae Cushing
01/20/2011 17:50

i have experienced white priviledge more as a fence sitter. Due to the fact that i look white but i also look like i come from some ethnic background. i went to an all white elementary school, every year they would change my race to white on my regiatration card. My mom could not get them to accept the fact that i am hispanic. I feel that i have been able to see the way white privilage work as well as the way a person with an ethnic backgroung would be treated. As far as what i feel can be done about it, i would say i agree with Aaron. Let the world be aware that racism is still going on. The hard thing is, we can make the world aware but it's up to the people of the world what they do with it.

Jennifer Hansen
01/22/2011 18:58

I am one who lives in america...i have been blessed !and have been given a chance for education because my country allows it and i chose it. I have many freedoms that were given to me. I work hard to pay for my tution i work hard to keep my good grades, i work hard for the things that i have in my life. Just like anyone who wants a better life I must work for it regarless of race or where i was born. I know i may have more opportunities than others but, i too have other that may have it better than i. I am thankful for what i have i shouldnt have to feel guilty for it. I am greatful for what i have and what god blesses me with.

Lance Larsen
01/23/2011 09:08

I personally have not observed white privilege, or if I have, I haven't made that connection. Growing up in a predominantly white community, it never really occurred to me that racism was as prevalent as Mr. Wise was discussing. While I view racism in any form as a destructive cancer. Unfortunately, I have a hard time believing that are going to be any drastic changes in the near future. The only way I see this problem changing is by educating those who are doing it. It would be a change that takes place over night... but it will be moving in the right direction.

Lance Larsen
01/23/2011 09:14

Whoops! I should have read it a few more times.

It WOULDN'T be a change that takes place over night... but it will be moving in the right direction.


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