Dorothea Lange’s ‘Three Mormon Towns
This photography exhibition features images from Lange’s 1953 trip to southern Utah with Ansel Adams while the pair were shooting a photo essay that ran in Life magazine. The exhibit features 62 photos of Gunlock, St. George and Toquerville. The prints are drawn from 21 images BYU purchased from the Lange family, while the others are on loan from the family, the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and the J. Paul Getty Museum.Brigham Young University Museum of Art
Friday, Jan. 21 to April 30Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 9 PM
Admission to exhibit and the lecture is free.


Kelsey Gish
01/28/2011 18:08

This is the fist blog I'm commenting on, so I feel very much like an armature at this, but I'll feel comfortable soon enough I'm sure. I really like this photo. Not only does it show real life in action, but it shows the character of the people, the way they almost flowed together. I know that’s a strange word to use, ’flow’, but the people in this photo really seem so different but so similar at the same time, it just mixed well. Then to have the contrast of the old-fashioned dresses, with the more out of date building, its just interesting. It makes me want to listen to a story. It actually makes me want to hear their story, whoever 'they' are.


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