Now that we have completed the critiques of our composition assignment, what did you take away from class? How will you use this new information to improve your photography? Were the critiques an effective way to learn technique?

Drew Westover
02/11/2011 07:59

The main thing that I took away form this, is that if you are going to get some photographs, it helps to set a time and use that time, plus more, to focus on what you are doing.

02/11/2011 15:07

The main idea that I took home was that I need to take pictures that say something, that express feeling and intent. I looked at how different my pictures were in comparison to the class, and I felt; cold and distant. My goal is to take pictures that not only express an idea but have emotion, thought, and an inner closeness. I have spent the last two days looking for such a picture and I can't find what I want. Wednesdays class put me into an insightful adventure to find something, I'm not sure what, but the ticket to ride is the adventure.

Kim Avila
02/15/2011 06:58

I took away how color or background can help or hurt your picture. I also learned that It helps to move around get down on the ground shoot from all angles, to get the best picture. I trully never thought that where I stand can make the picture better or worse.

Steffi Powers
02/15/2011 19:58

I didn't see any comments yet on the 2/14/11 Class and want to say it was by far the most wonderful class that I have attended. Your sharing of the Masters of Photography was so inspirational that I just had to grab my camera today and start the journey to find my personal style. Thanks for the best class ever you are a wonderful teacher thank you for sharing your experience with me.

Susan Cohen
02/16/2011 07:47

My pleasure Steffi.- Folks keep up the good work. Every week you will see improvement and hold a lifetime skill.

Jimi Breedlove
02/27/2011 15:44

I just don't get it. I just can't find someone to write about or see what they were trying to say nothing. Just mark me down for a big fat zero!!! Oh and some A-Hole rear end my wife at the Kimble Junction exit at 50 mph. while she was waiting to turn togo to work.. Will show pics at class tomorrow... Sorry I just don't get it...

03/06/2011 23:03

What was due on Monday? The ass. hasn't been posted. Not much of anything has been posted...

08/22/2012 04:03

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