T/Th class: We have completed the anatomy of the camera and are now ready to use that knowledge. What do you think will be the most used function on your camera and why. What do you think will be the least used. If you are using film, what functions will you look for when it is time to purchase a new camera? 

Please remember to practice today shooting images. Note the function you used, and be ready to explain why.

01/19/2011 19:29

I hope to start to steer clear of the automatic functions and start to focus o the manual settings. while I am now familiar with all of the buttons I still have a lot to learn in using them properly. I can't wait to learn how to drive my camera to its full potential!

Landon Mattinson
01/19/2011 22:20

Tuesday was another good class full of learning about our cameras. I think that using the f stop and/or aperture to limit or allow certain amounts of light into the exposures will be the most used function when photographing. The trash can will get its fare share of use as well. For me I won't be using the video functions mostly due to a camera without that option. When I go to purchase a DSLR I will look for those video function. I would also like to find a camera in a package with a few different lenses and maybe a tripod. It's a tough decision because technology becomes outdated so quickly. See you tomorrow.

Adam Gray
01/19/2011 22:51

Shutter speed and Aperture will be the most used functions on the camera I think. They can do so many different things to a picture depending on how they are adjusted. I believe the built-in flash will be used the least as it can too easily distort the color of photo by adding too much hard light. There are enough other options on a DSLR to get a good shot that the flash should be rarely used.

Kim Avila
01/20/2011 04:59

I am so excited to go take some pictures because of what we learned. I think that just from what we learned last night that we are going to be able to take some really cool pictures

Afesa Brown
01/26/2011 13:23

I ended up missing this class and I am so disappointed! I feel like I am having a really hard time with my Aperture settings on my camera but I am so happy to learn more! See you tonight!


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