T/Th class: Tonight was successful n so many ways. A more efficient classroom with working technology, and the hands on anatomy of the camera which opened the eyes to many. We were having so much fun, we didn't even realize we we a couple of minutes over. We went over a lot of information. Please take the time to learn the functions of your camera. Learning your camera is like learning a new car. You can't drive without knowing where everything is. To get the feel of your camera try shooting pictures on automatic of something you are interested in.

01/14/2011 06:43

I had a lot or fun learning all the different parts of my camera. I felt a bit overwellmed because my camera is older and I felt I couldn't locate some parts, either because I didn't have those parts at all or is was just in a complete round about location on the camera itself. None the less I learned a lot and got myself stoked to start experiencing photography in a whole new light.

Michael Murray
01/17/2011 19:19

I found it interesting to learn about all the different camera types as well as the different lenses. Basically, this first little introduction was rather intriguing, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the class.

Landon Mattinson
01/18/2011 06:36

The camera i'm using came from my dad. He purchased it when he was in junior high school. It's now 33 years old and functioning well. I feel a bit retro when lugging it around with me to take some photos. It's stinkin' awesome. This class is going to be super informal and fun.

Creed Naylor
01/19/2011 19:25

It's pretty amazing all of the different things cameras can do. I think it is a good thing and also a bad thing. We rely to much on the automatic settings and don't take the time to learn how to manually set up and take pictures. It seems like taking the time to really set the photo and experiment with the different setting on the camera is when you learn how to take a photo and not just a snap shot.


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