M/W Class: Good job last night. Aperture is a tough concept, but ill be beneficial as you become more creative. How do you think you will use this new technique? 

Cathrine Richards
01/20/2011 15:57

Went out with a friend to shot some pic's with her D3000 Nikon. Didn't take pic's after all. We couldn't figure out how to work her camera with the aperture changes. It became a very frustrating day for her and me. I guess if your going to have a nice camera you need to learn how to use it.

Susan Cohen
01/20/2011 19:37

Glad you tried. We can work on it on Monday if you are still having problems. Please bring in manual with you.

Daniel Gordon
01/23/2011 21:12

While changing aperature settings I was able to change the subject of my photo by bringing it into focus or out of focus. I was also able to show the different depths of field by lining 3 bottle up and bringing each one into focus or just one of them.

Brandon Lukens
01/24/2011 15:15

I did my photos with the different aperture settings and with the film it was very hard to notice any real differences at first. I tried multiple aperture settings throughout the assignment so that when I got my results back I would have multiple views to look at it and begin to see how it all works. I know especially with film cameras it is going to be more a aquired knowledge in the end which I think will be better becasue when the moment comes to get a picture fast I will have the knowledge and wont have to try different ones. Even though I must say it is very cold outside right now to be taking pics. :)

Tyson Hill
01/24/2011 15:16

It took me a few rounds of photos to get it even at the right settings. I thought I had it down no problem then after looking at the pics none of the settings I did were in place for the photos I took but I think I'm good now.

01/24/2011 16:11

I thought I completely understood how to use aperture but after this assignment I feel like I know nothing! It was extremely frustrating. I hope I can improve with combining my knowledge if shutter speeds from the next class with my knowledge of aperture from the previous class.

01/25/2011 07:23

I understand after seeing other people pictures, why mine did not turn out the way I wanted them. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to re-due our pictures!

Athena Mansfield
01/26/2011 11:28

I am happy that you gave us more time. I didnt see much of a difference in my first set of photos. After seeing the other photos it gave me a better understanding of aperture. I will use this to take better photographs then I already do. I am excited that I know how to make that affect with out playing with photoshop.

Susan Cohen
01/27/2011 21:04

To All:
Think through each photo. Follow the instructions and the assignment will work out fine. A key thing to remember, opposite of what you expect.
Please don't hesitate to post a question if needed.
Good luck!

01/30/2011 02:48

uh, mine yeah, I spent too much time working on the sp ones and not enough on the aperture stuff. :( go me.

Michelle A.
02/04/2011 09:29

Love this blog! I know I am not alone on this journey of aperture...feeling a little worried as well..:) Michelle


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