E-Portfolio SupportMarch 8, 2011 8:07 AMIf you need help preparing your e-portfolio, please read below:

First, Kati Lewis, the Library staff, and I are offering free ePortfolio workshops all semester long. If you have students in your classes who have not yet started their ePortfolio, please suggest that they sign up for a workshop at this address: http://libweb.slcc.edu/refilt/forms/eportfolio.

Second, Kati will be holding free Reflective Writing Workshops after Spring Break to help students understand the purpose and importance of reflection in writing (and other forms of media). The workshops are also intended to help students become better reflective thinkers and writers, create meaningful reflections for their General Education courses, and provide further context for the General Education ePortfolios that they build. The workshop schedule is below. Please share it with your students. NOTE: all workshops will be held at the Redwood campus in the Administration Building.

Workshop Schedule

March 21st: 7:30-8:30 a.m. in AD 214
March 21st: 3-4 p.m. in AD 214

March 23rd: 7:30-8:30 a.m. in AD 214
March 23rd: 1-3 p.m. in AD 214 (this is an extended version of the workshop that requires students to produce various types of reflections by the end of the workshop).

March 25th: 11:30-12:30 in AD 214
March 25th: 3-5 p.m. (this is an extended version of the workshop that requires students to produce various types of reflections by the end of the workshop).

NOTE: Students do not need to sign up for the workshop; they can simply show up.

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03/09/2011 22:39

Hello Susan,
Hope call wasn't to quiet tonight. Well I have been having trouble logging into my MY PAGE on th SLCC web site to extract your e-mail. I can get the imediate web but when I click on the icon it won't let me and goes to another sceen and says ERROR can not display page. So here is my ass. on the project for the third time. My computer has crash twice before already I have been trying since 9:30 to write this.

What I have learned with this ass. is White Balance on the effectivness the I have recieved from this learning. I was getting so fustrated with an orangish flower when the dam thing is yellow. A little tungsten adjustment and WA-POW a yellow flower w/detailed veins showing on the petels. I really actually was looking to get that sharpness and only took it once and said, "That's a rap." Then I moved on to the white flower, a few more with this one, but the depth and whitness contrasting with the yellow center is a pleasing calming sensation I believe. And lastly, GOBBLE GOBBLE, tonight when we went to my wifes friends house I, of couse, took my camera and found the viberance in the gobbler of the turkey. How bright the red gobbler thingy going down the neck with the bright white feathers. And the prestine detail (In my opinion) of the fatty things of the gobbler. So Susan here is my ASS. before midnight..
See you in a week and a half.
Jimi Breedlove

P.S. Send me your E-Mail so I can add it to my
contacts in my Yahoo address book.


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