Thanks for another action packed class. We went over a lot of information. Please take the time to learn the functions of your camera. Learning your camera is like learning a new car. You can't drive without knowing where everything is. To get the feel of your camera try shooting pictures on automatic of something you are itereste din.

Kim Avila
01/13/2011 05:19

Since I have no classes today and tomorrow. I plan on playing around with my camera. I know of some really neat places in Utah county that I have not been to for several year. I am going to go there and see what pictures I can get.

Jenny Smith
01/13/2011 08:35

I didn't even know my camera had some of those functions and I have had this camera for a year lol...I already am loving this class!!!

Steffi Powers
01/13/2011 10:33

Thank you for your patience with us as we learn about our different camera's and how to use them. I look forward to taking some pictures and to class next wed.

01/13/2011 13:28

Learning the anatomy of all the camera's was overwhelming. However im sure I will become more acquainted with their use and operation. I also had no idea that the older camera's were still in use today. With everything being digital its pretty neat to know their still around.

Creed Naylor
01/17/2011 18:29

Who knew cameras could do so many amazing things! Its funny how I use to think taking pictures was easy, you just point and shoot. This is going to be a great class with information that I will use for the rest of my life. Thanks Susan

Jimmie Breedlove
01/18/2011 19:11

Hey I got a freakin camera YEAH!!!!! Canon Rebel XS

Katelynd Rupe
01/19/2011 16:09

It was so interesting to learn the actually functions of my camera. I was super overwhelmed just to look at it but when we went step by step it really helped me to understand!


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