Now that you have had time to digest the events in today's class, discuss any new feelings that you may have encountered. Was this experiment effective? What will you take away from class?

Kelsey Gish
02/14/2011 15:07

I would say it was very effective. I went home and wrote three pages about the experience. Which, I think shows how much it effected me. What will I take away from this class? That you should stand up for what you believe and how you feel. As a class we knew what was right, but no one stood up and said what we knew. We all were cowards, or just inexperienced on how to treat the situation. But either way, I hope not to let myself or others get treated badly just because their eye, skin color, or ....etc, is different.

Jennifer Hansen
02/18/2011 08:45

I believe learning about others and truly getting to know them with the intention of showing love and friendship you can break down any barriers, including religion. Getting to know one another for who they truly are. It takes courage to step out side of your self and put your heart out on a limb to strangers. All religions seek to love and praise a god or a higher being and in those practices we are all taught to look beyond ourselves, to love others so if we are doing this it can be easier to except others you will easily find the common threads that we all share, because in reality we are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we all have some part of god within us.

Tessie Mae Cushing
02/18/2011 14:32

i was thinking about and i was so mad at myself for not standing up for the blue eyed people. Like when Kelsey had to go to the bath room i should have let her have my brake and taken her place. Grrr.... i was taught better than what my actions showed today. Sorry to all those blue eyed people. I should have stood up for you.


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