I pose these questions: Have we taken photography to the fast food level? What do we need to do to bring photography back to art of capturing the moment? Has the access to point and shoot cameras diminished the art?

Tessie Mae Cushing
01/22/2011 10:41

I do think we have taken photography to the fast food level. I believe it is because America is i an i want it now country. Patients isn't really a value a lot of Americans have anymore. We get impatient when are computer is running fast enough so of coarse we have the want for a camera that will give us what we want when we want it. No one anymore wants to figure out aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. They want to just turn their camera on and put it to the portrait setting and go. The art of Photography is staring to die. I have herd many pro photographers say pretty much anyone these days can talk an amazing photo if they have the right camera. People are no longer taking the photo the camera is.Who cares if the result may be a close resemblance, right? That's how many Americans think.
i think the only way we can bring back the art of capturing the moment is by staying in the moment ourselves. We need to stop rushing so much. especially when it comes to photography. Don't just snap a pic and be done. walk around the area, you will be amazed what photography moments you will find. you will be shocked at what great pictures you can take just in your front yard. problem is we are waiting for the photo op to come to us. Be old school and go to it. You have two legs use them.

Jennifer Hansen
01/22/2011 18:25

I do believe that film like other things in life have been taken to a faster pace. When speaking to the owner of fotofly he and his wife say there biggest competition isnt other photographers its the everyday soccer mom or others that just take a quick digital pic and then do some photoshop. Most want fast results. The art of photography must be a conscious decision, you must drop out of the fast lane and slow it down, there will be a more memorable experience in your photography.....a story and experience behind the photo.

Susan Cohen
01/22/2011 23:17

"problem is we are waiting for the photo op to come to us. Be old school and go to it"

How true. Good photography takes time, patience and the ability to see. We must not let the camera control us, but we must control the camera and our creativity with the ability to say something.

Jenneifer; I agree about your Photoshop statement. Digital programs have become a crutch for the fast lane in photography. If you mess up, you can just "fix it." We must learn to do i right the first time. Todays word is about instant gratification.

Emily Torres
01/23/2011 09:14

I love the reference to fast food in this article. It's something that I think about often when I make my family sit down to dinner and they shovel the food in their mouths as fast as they can to get back to what ever media is calling them. I think that photography has reached the same level. When I look at the photos from the thirties that my grandmother and her friends were taking they are all thought out and well composed. They weren't just taking a photo of an experience, taking the photo was the experience. I admit, just about all of my photos have been the fast food type since I got my first digital camera. But, maybe if I take the time to take one "slow" photo it will be worth 100 snapshots. I was a little worried about taking this class with a film camera, but after reading the article I think that it's the best way to take it.

Randall Fenn
01/23/2011 12:52

I don't agree with the comment that photography has been come like fast food. It is a matter of perspective and finding what you like. Just like with art, not everyone is going to like the same thing, and there is a lot of bad art in the world. I personally take the time to take great pictures that capture what is going on, not just point and shoot anything and everything. I take the photos that I like and enjoy to remember the experiences I've had. No two people are going to have the same experiences or likes and dislikes. Just like no two photos are the same and not every one is going to like the same stuff.

Sara Greene
01/23/2011 17:16

I feel like everyone thinks they are a photographer these days, and with the technology it's easy to think that because everyone has access to a camera now (even cell phones). It is hard to go into the business of photography with so much competition. There are so many people that don't take the time to learn the basics of photography and just fix it later with photoshop. For example, I was looking on the web at different photography sites/blogs and one person had posted a before and after shot (why she did I'll never understand). The before shot was way overexposed and there was a ton of distractions in the background. The after shot looked pretty good, but you could tell how much photoshop went into it-it was cropped, the mountains behind totally taken out and replaced with clouds and way too much saturation and contrast. But people don't realize if you take a good photo, you don't have to spend all that time in photoshop. I personally love using my film camera because it makes you stop and think about the picture instead of just snapping a hundred photos to hopefully get a good shot. I love photography because of the process-seeing something, composing, setting up everything to get the perfect shot. I believe people are losing that with the digital world. I also think that if you really love photography, and take the time to apply techniques you learn, people will realize the passion and expertise in your photos, it really does show. So in order to get back to "capturing the moment" I think we just need to stop and smell the roses. Then take a picture of them!

Athena Mansfield
01/23/2011 23:29

I love the metaphor. People do take alot of bad photos. Seems as if cell phones is a common trend of fast food per say. The famous take a picture of myself in the mirror trend. Its not attractive or flattering in any way. A good photograph taken right is like organic food. Its good for the mind and soul. Like good art that takes your breath away. Art always takes time. The term fast reminds me of all the terrible photos I see. I cant do fast food. I only eat organic. We much cook it and do it ourselves. We cant let quality die. Yes access to all these point and shoot cameras and cell phones has created unhealthy habits for American. We must keep up our organic ways.

Susan Cohen
01/28/2011 11:52

I love your analogy and think it is time for a health food kick myself.


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