All Diversity Students:
Turn in 3 strong images from the event (documentary style) and a 1 page synopsis/ reflection of the event. Please also include a picture of yourself at the event. Please make sure to respect your subjects during this difficult time and ask permission when necessary. Keep in mind our discussion on compassion and understanding. Turn in at the next class meeting.

Friday, September 9 · 8:00pm - 10:00pmLocationLiberty ParkNorth East corner (700 East and 900 So)Salt Lake City, UTCreated ByCity of Hope Salt LakeMore InfoFireside Vigil and Glowlight March to raise awareness for the recent queer bashing of Dane Hall. At 8 PM, members of the community of all faiths are invited to build a fire in Liberty Park. 

This act is designed to fill people’s spirit with hope for a transformed world – a world where all persons are fully liberated from violence and hate. 

Then, at 9 PM, the group will take glow sticks and walk the sidewalks through Salt Lake City, a mini *Into the LIGHT walk, bearing images that promote love. While the group walks, songs will be sung, prayers will be prayed and images of Dane Hall’s injuries will be shown to make the public aware of why we, as a community desperately we need to walk into the light of a world free from hate.

Email Pastors Julie Watson and Marian Edmonds: or call 385-628-9870 FMI.

*Into the Light Walk – Beginning on May 31st Alan Bounville began a 6,000 mile walk across the USA to end gender discrimination in all its forms. An overarching goal of the Into the Light Walk is to grow social movements that are working towards full social and legislative

09/09/2011 06:12

Meanwhile, Salt Lake City police are hosting a seminar at 8 p.m. Friday in Liberty Park to educate the community on how to report crime tips anonymously.

Misty Mulkey
09/10/2011 17:12

Wish I would have known sooner I would have loved to be there. I didn't get the email until today thou


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